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CHARLEY - CALDECOTT – RICHARDSON.  A Victorian carte-de-visite album, containing 46 portraits of which 43 bear pencil written names. The album appears to have been assembled by the Charley family of Co. Antrim, the first photograph being identified as “My father Edward Charley”. It contains cartes of various members of the Charley, Caldecott, Richardson families and other relations. Photographic studios in Ireland include those of Alexander Ayton of Londonderry (3); J.Magill of Belfast (4); Marcus & Co of Belfast (1); John Gibson of Belfast (1); E.T.Church of Belfast (1); F.H.Mares of Dublin (1) and John Chancellor of Dublin (2). Studios in London include T.R.Williams (15); G&R Lavis (2); Mayall (2); A.Claudett (2); C.Pilvy (1); rest of UK -  E.W.Dallas of Edinbirgh (1); Graham & Suter of Leamington (1); Hennah & Kent of Brighton; and foreign studios of Pierre Petit of Paris (1); A.Cailliez of Paris (1); Ghemar & Ferret of Niece (3); and Fratelli Alinari of Firenze. There are 4 pages with names written in, but no accompanying photograph. The album (about 5 x 6 inches) is bound in embossed brown leather, and has double gilt brass clasp straps on the front cover only (the clasps and rear clasp straps are missing). 

Edward Charley (1827-1868) of Conway House, Co.Antrim is connected to the Caldecott family by his first marriage to Mary Caldecott, the daughter of Andrew  Caldecott (1793-1854) of Woodford Hall, Essex. Mary bore Edward a daughter (also Mary). Following Mary’s death in 1854, Edward married secondly Catharine Jane Richardson, by whom he had two sons and two daughters. The Richardsons are well represented in the album, including cartes of Jonathon Richardson (1804-1894) and his wife Margaret nee Airth (1808-1889), and several of their children and their spouses. Other family names found in the album include Stevenson, Coates, Scott, Holland, Pennington, Conquest, Trail, Hall, Stephens and Thompson.

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