CLAYTON of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Mourning locket 1833 SOLD

CLAYTON of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Mourning locket 1833 SOLD

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CLAYTON family. A gold mourning locket (tested 15 ct), one side with a convex cover glass containing plaited brown hair, on top of which is a coiled lock of grey-white hair. On the reverse is a finely hand engraved inscription reading:

The hair of my dear Father & Mother who died at Boulogne Sur Mer / Lady Clayton 9th Augt. 1833 in her 68th Year./ Sir Willm. Clayton Bart. Jany. 26th 1834 in his 72nd. Year./ John Lloyd Clayton

The locket measures 42 x 52 mm (not including suspension loop) and is in extremely fine condition. 

Sir William Clayton, 4th Bt. was born on 16 April 1762 at Stanhope Street, Mayfair, the son of William Clayton and Maria Eliza Catherine Lloyd. In 1765 he married Mary East, daughter of Sir William East, 1st Bt. and they had one daughter and 5 sons. Sir William had matriculated at Queen's College Oxford in1780 and graduated M.A. in 1784. He was Member of Parliament for Great Marlow, 1783–1790, and succeeded to the title of 4th Baronet Clayton of Marden, Surrey in 1799. He held the office of Sheriff of Buckinghamshire in 1810, and again in1814-1815. In later life Clayton experienced considerable financial difficulties and let Marden (to Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte), and he and his wife took up residence at Boulogne-sur-Mer, where they both died, as memorialised in the locket by their third son John Lloyd Clayton (1796-1855), a Royal Navy officer.

An oil portrait thought to be Sir William Clayton, in the uniform of the 1st Regiment of Buckinghamshire Yeomanry cavalry, c.1802, was sold at Christies in 2009.

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