WEBBER, William Hosgood Young (1853-1923), civil engineer & journalist. Silver medal.

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WEBBER, William Hosgood Young (1853-1923), civil engineer and journalist. BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF GAS MANAGERS. THE PRESIDENTS PRIZE MEDAL 1873. Silver medal, the obverse in frosted silver with convex cover glass (tarnished under glass around edges); the reverse scene in polished silver marked Baddeley Bros London; and the edge engraved "Awarded to W.H.Y.WEBBER for his paper read June 30 1887". 60mm. plus suspension loop. EF. A very rare medal.

William Hosgood Young Webber  was a civil engineer and engineering journalist, best known within the gas industry. Born in Teignmouth, Devon, he married Sarah Snow Goodridge in 1877 in St Austell, Cornwall, who bore him three children, Caroline, William and Dorothea. In his career he moved with his family to settle around London, at Camberwell (1881 census) and Teddington (1901 census), and died in St Austell, Cornwall in 1923. He held the post of Instructor and Lecturer of the Gas Light & Coke Company, London, and published numerous papers and books including: The Science and Practice of Lighting 1892; Town Gas and Its Uses 1907: Gas Supply in Principles and Practice 1914: and Gas and gas making 1918.

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