LAMBART, Hamilton, army officer. Warrant, signed, for payment of forces at Belleisle 1762

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LAMBART, Hamilton, army officer. Warrant, signed Ham.Lambart, folio (folded), 25th April 1762, with docket on reverse. For the payment of forces at Belleisle, and communicating that Lambart is to take command of the Island of Belleisle upon the departure of Major General John Craufurd for Lisbon.  "Whereas His Majesty having judged it expedient for His Service to employ in Portugal His Excellency Major General John Craufurd, Governor of the Island of Belleisle, and Commander in Chief of the forces therein, and to direct him to repair forthwith to Lisbon, And His Majesty having signified to me ....... That ..... I should take upon me, the Command of the Island of Belleisle as soon as General Craufurd shall sail from it”. Below, detailing payments for the 3rd Regiment of Foot commanded by Lt Gen. G.Howard; the 67th Regiment of Foot commanded by Col. H.Lambart; the 75th Regiment of Foot commanded by Col. M.Frederick; and the 85th Regiment of Foot commanded by Col. Jn Craufurd. Central fold and two corners repaired with archival tape.

During the Seven Years War, the Island of Belleisle was regarded by the British as a useful base from which to make raids on the French, and to re-supply the fleet. A large force was sent in 1761 to capture the island  from the French, but being found very heavily fortified, it took several attempts to secure it. In April 1762 under the pretext that Portugal was allied with Britain, Spain invaded Portugal. The British quickly responded by moving troops to Portugal, as this document testifies. Hostilities were ended in 1763 under the Treaty of Paris, which involved a complex series of land exchanges between the warring parties. See also Seven Years War item below.

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