BURTON, Catherine (c1725-1782). Gt. Aunt of Sir Richard Burton. ALS to brother Robert Baxter. 1776

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BURTON, Catherine née BAXTER (c1725-1782). Autograph letter signed to her brother Robert Baxter Esq, Furnival’s Inn, London, 4to, 2 sides (portion of blank second leaf missing) with seal and Bishop marks, Tuam [Co. Galway] August 16 1776, admonishing her brother for not having heard from him or her nephew  "we have never had a letter from any of you or the Family at Atherstone a long time. Mr Burton & I are very uneasy & take it very ill, it is 8 or 9 months since we had the favour of a letter from any of our Relations.  Sure you have forgot we are in the land of the living.  I sopose you thought we was numberd with the Dead & their was an end of us". On local matters she reports that "the Arch Bishop has been hear 5 weeks he has shone us every civility in his power & has given us the most affect & Frendly invitation to stay in his palace till our new House is Dry & fit for me to live in ...... Dean Ryder is to be in Ireland before the 29 of September Captain Dobs being chose the chief magistrate at Carrackfergus ...." and says that "Mr. Burton will be vastly obliged to you to order 3 Hogsheads of porter for him this is the time of the year for the vessels to come from London to Galway".

Catherine Baxter of Atherstone, Warwickshire married in 1763 Edmund Burton (1737-1817), curate of Toddingham, Bedfordshire. In the late 1760s Catherine, Edmund and his brother Edward moved to the west of Ireland, where Edmund was made curate of Kiltullagh Parish, which was in the patronage of Catherine's uncle John Ryder (of Nuneaton, Warwickshire), the archbishop of Tuam, Co Galway. In 1771 Edmund became archdeacon of St Mary's Cathedral, Tuam, a position he held until 1805. John Ryder died in 1775, and the archbishop was replaced by Dr Browne. The Burtons remained residents in the archbishop's Palace until their new house was completed in 1782. Catherin'e brother-in-law Edward Burton became vicar of Annaghdown, and it was his son Joseph Netterville Burton who was the father of the explorer Sir Richard Burton - past historians incorrectly cited Edmund as Sir Richard Burton's grandfather (in fact his great-uncle).

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