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HARRISON  & WILLSHER FAMILIES. A folio album of genealogical papers relating to the Harrisons of Middlesex and Willshers of Essex, plus the related families of Page (Glamorgan), Isaacs, Curwood, Wilson and Bloxsome (New South Wales), compiled by George Harrison Rogers-Harrison, with his presentation inscription to his brother-in-law Robert M. Isaacs. The contained material includes numerous letters; genealogical notes; copy deeds and wills; hand drawn and printed family trees; entries from birth, baptismal, marriage and death registers; printed heraldic material; photographs; drawings/sketches; and miscellaneous ephemera (including mourning cards and cuttings). Most of the items date from the 19th century, but there are also original items of 18th century and 17th century date. Genealogical content of the material covers the period 1533-1896. Folio manuscript items are stitched in to the binding, and smaller items tipped in onto bound paper stubs. The gatherings have not been glue-backed and the stitching has largely disintegrated, with the cloth backing now detached on one side, making the entire gatherings and contents loose. The album essentially needs to be re-sewn and the backing reattached. The majority of the contents are in good condition.


The compiler of this collection George Harrison Rogers-Harrison (1805-1880) was born in Ireland to a gentry family closely associated with the College of Arms. He was the son of Charles Roger Harrison and the nephew of George Harrison, Clarenceaux King of Arms. George Harrison Rogers-Harrison served as Bluemantle Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary from 1831 to 1849, and as Windsor Herald from 1849 to 1880. He was a founding director and the first chairman of Prudential (f.1848), was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and an active freemason.

The recipient of the album Robert Macintosh Isaacs (1814-1876), was a barrister and politician, who was called to the Bar in 1841 and practised law in London before migrating to Sydney, Australia in 1843, where he eventually became solicitor-general. Isaacs married Barberina Rogers-Harrison in 1841, a sister of George Harrison Rogers-Harrison. Isaacs, his wife and family were rescued in 1855 when, returning from a visit to England, their ship SS Schomberg was wrecked off Cape Otway in southern Victoria, Australia.

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