BEATTY family of Lisburn, Co. Antrim. Genealogical documents & photographs 18th-20th C. SOLD

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BEATTY family of Lisburn, Co. Antrim. A family archive of genealogical documents and ambrotype photographs relating to the Beatty family and connected families in Northern Ireland, comprising:

  1. A fine quarter plate tinted ambrotype of an army officer, in a full leather case (hinge repaired) bearing on the bottom edge the photographer’s mark “GLYDE 12 Bridge Street” [Samuel Glyde a Belfast photographer in the 1850s]. With the ambrotype is a paper note reading “Major-General Robert Beatty Madras Native Infantry. Late 10th Native Infantry”.
  2. A 1/6 plate tinted ambrotype of a gentleman, in a decorative thermoplastic case (top lid with chipped edges). The interior brass matt has a few corrosion spots on the edge (not affecting the image). [David Beatty]
  3. A 1/6 plate tinted ambrotype of a woman, in a thermoplastic case with a shell motif (top lid with a repaired break). The interior brass matt has corrosion spots on the edge (not affecting the image). With the ambrotype is a paper note reading “? Margaret Beatty née Bell wife of David Beatty J.P.”
  4. Manuscript pedigree of Savage – Cunningham, folio bifolium
  5. Manuscript pedigree of Savage – Cunningham, (with additions) folio bifolium
  6. Manuscript pedigree of Beatty family, folio bifolium
  7. Manuscript pedigree of John Pounden of Liege 1727, folio bifolium
  8. Manuscript pedigree of Cunningham, Peers, Higginson, Beatty, on sheet 32 x 13 inches
  9. Manuscript pedigree of Beatty, Bingham, Higginson, folio bifolium
  10. Manuscript pedigree of Kings of Connaught & Ireland, folio
  11. Manuscript Story of some old Lisburn Houses during two centuries (inc family tree of Bingham & Beatty) 4 sides folio
  12. Typescript “Mrs Pounden’s experiences in the Rebellion of 1798”, 10 sides
  13. Typescript memoirs “Fighting the Boycott”, 2 sides + 6 sides
  14. Typescript “Wreck of the Palma”, 6 sides
  15. Printed Pedigree of Col James Graham & Louisa Maria Joy his wife, with manuscript insertions, on sheet 30 x 19 inches
  16. Printed Pedigree of Dawson of Kilmore Co. Monaghan 1880, folio sheet
  17. Printed Dickson Genealogy, Dublin 1868, on sheet 32 x 14 inches
  18. 9 miscellaneous single page genealogical notes (on Beatty, Pounden, Colley families)
  19. 5 letters on family history dated between 1902-1995

Several of the larger paper documents have splits along the paper folds.

The Beatty family line is the focus of this collection which includes the ambrotype photographs featuring David Beatty (1805-1884) of Lisburn and his wife Margaret née Bell (1806-1871). His father, Thomas Beatty, was a tanner, served as 1st Lieutenant in the Lisburn Yeomanry Cavalry, and was engaged in the Battle of Antrim in 1798. David Beatty followed his father’s trade as a tanner and currier in Bow Street, Lisburn, later becoming a J. P. and vice chairman of the Union Workhouse. David and Margaret Beatty’s son Robert Beatty (subject of the quarter plate ambrotype) was born in 1836, and entered the Madras Native Infantry - the ambrotype photograph was probably taken soon after he entered the regiment. Robert Beatty was promoted to Major in 1873, and rose through the ranks (see London Gazette) to Major-General, finally being transferred to the Unemployed Supernumerary List in 1893. Robert married Alice Betanna Catharine Pounden (b.1854) of Ballywalter Co. Wexford in 1875 by whom he had five sons. Robert died in 1909. The paper archive provides a wealth of genealogical information on the extended Beatty family line, and also contains some interesting reminiscences of life and events in Northern Ireland.

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